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You’ve almost found the best source for the Largo areas best Landscaping Company. We’ve recently re-designed our website and although this may be a bit confusing, please visit Lawns and Palms, Inc.’s Official Website to view our services and book a free estimate today.

Sure, you’re still a bit perplexed here as to why we have two websites. In all honesty, we are really great at landscaping, however we may not be the best when it comes to our digital front but we’re working on it! Not long ago we we had two identical websites and upon hiring a professional digital marketing firm it turns out  we should only have one website. However, although having two sites is not the norm, both sites are generating traffic, so we couldn’t simply remove one, we had to gut it, make a few of these posts and re-direct our traffic to the new website while maintaining this sites ranking.

Okay so again, just so we are clear; We are in fact the Largo and Seminole, Florida area’s best landscaping company. To hire us, view our services and get a free quote, please tap this link: Lawns and Palms, Inc.’s Official Website.